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July 2, 2013

Three More Organizations from across America join International Archaeology Day

The country is crisscrossed by Collaborating Organizations joining International Archaeology Day 2013. From the Southwest we are joined by the Office of Archaeological Studies at the Museum of New Mexico; from the Rockies we are welcoming the Montrose County Museum; and from the South we have the C.H. Nash Museum at Chucalissa. The organizations from New Mexico and Tennessee are both returning Collaborating Organizations.  All three groups will host events in October.  On October 26th the Office of Archaeological Studies will join forces with the Santa Fe Chapter of the AIA to host an event at the organizations brand new Center for New Mexico Archaeology with hands on activities and exhibit. an upwards of 300 people expected to take part. This event will take place on October 26th. The Montrose County Museum will host their Historical Societies meeting with an IAD theme in October. Finally the C.H. Nash Museum will host an International Archaeology Day Event at their location in Memphis on the 19th complete with hands on activities and a film screening.  Check the International Archaeology Day Calendar for more information on all these events.

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