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AIA Lecturer/Host: Joanne Murphy

Joanne Murphy (Ph.D., U. Cincinnati) is Associate Professor in the Department of Classical Studies at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Her research focuses on diverse elements of the Greek Bronze Age, including mortuary and religious activities, production and prestige, and archaeological methods. Currently, Dr. Murphy is working on the publication of the Bronze Age tombs around the Palace of Nestor in southwestern Greece, and she continues her study of the religious and funerary activities on Minoan Crete. She also directs a field project on the Greek island of Kea, which explores the value of surface survey as an archaeological method. Dr. Murphy’s publications include the edited volumes Death in Late Bronze Age Greece: Variations on a Theme (2020) and Prehistoric Crete: Regional and Diachronic Studies on Mortuary Systems (2011). In 2020, Dr. Murphy received her university’s Senior Teaching Excellence Award (College of Arts and Sciences), Junior Research Excellence Award, and Gladys Strawn Bullard Award for Outstanding Service and Leadership. Since 2004 she has been leading annual tours of Greece, two of which included alumni from her university, and she has lectured on the AIA’s national circuit.

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