AIA Tour Leaders

Mikael Adolphson

Archaeological Institute of America lecturer and host Mikael Adolphson is Keidanren Professor and Chair of Japanese Studies at the University of Cambridge. A premodernist, he was inspired by the similarities […]

Paul G. Bahn

Dr. Paul G. Bahn is a leading archaeological writer, translator, and broadcaster in the field of archaeology. He is a Contributing Editor of the AIA’s Archaeology magazine, and has written […]

Colleen Batey

Dr. Colleen Batey is Senior Lecturer in Archaeology at the University of Glasgow, Scotland, with honorary positions at both the University of the Highlands and Islands and Hunter College, New […]

Ilona Bausch

Ilona Bausch specializes in the prehistoric archaeology and heritage of East Asia, particularly with regard to early trade, social interaction, rituals, and worldview among the prehistoric Jōmon people of Japan. […]

Peter Bogucki

Peter Bogucki studies the prehistoric societies of Europe and has a particular interest in the spread of farming and its consequences.  He received his Ph.D. from Harvard University. In addition to […]

Peter Brand

Peter J. Brand (Ph.D., University of Toronto) is an Egyptologist specializing in history, art, language, and epigraphy. His research examines the history and culture of New Kingdom Egypt (ca. 1550-1100 […]

Michael Brennan

Leader Archaeological Institute of America lecturer and host Michael Brennan, Ph.D. has 17 years of experience in maritime archaeology, marine geology, and oceanography. Dr. Brennan received his bachelor’s degree in […]

Matthew Canepa

Matthew P. Canepa (PhD, University of Chicago) is Professor of Art History at the University of Minnesota. As an historian of art, archaeology, and religions, he is intrigued by topics […]

Gabriela Cervantes-Quequezana

Gabriela Cervantes-Quequezana (Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh) is a Peruvian anthropological archaeologist. She has done extensive field research through survey and excavations in several regions of Peru, including the north, south, […]

Joan Breton Connelly

Joan Breton Connelly is Professor of Classics and Art History at New York University. An archaeologist who has excavated throughout Greece, Kuwait, and Cyprus (where she has directed the Yeronisos […]

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