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AIA Lecturer/Host: Okasha El Daly

Okasha El Daly (Ph.D., University College London) is an Egyptian historian specializing in the history, art, religion, and languages of Egypt. His research interests cover the history and culture heritage of Egypt from the birth of its civilization to its contemporary history and current affairs. Dr. El Daly’s main interest is exploring links and relationships between cultures, past and present, which was motivated by his extensive travel between ancient lands in Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America. He has taught in Egypt, the UK, and Qatar such subjects as History of Egyptian Art, History of Egyptian Archaeology, Egyptian Religion, and Historical Geography of the Nile Valley. Over the course of twelve years (1980-92) he served as Inspector of Antiquities in the Giza Pyramids Area, worked as a guide and lecturer in Egypt, and lectured on the AIA’s national lecture circuit. He has also been Director of several international projects, including the Foundation for Science, Technology, and Civilisation in the UK; and the recent Qatar-Sudan Archaeological Project.
Dr. El Daly has authored and edited several books and many articles on ancient Egypt and the history of science. He is also an accomplished translator of several books on ancient Egypt. Dr. El Daly appeared in several documentaries for international TV channels, and he is a public speaker on the cultural heritage of the Middle East and an invited keynote speaker at many international Egyptological circuits. University College London Press published his popular book, Egyptology: The Missing Millennium (2005), which is still generating great interest among both academics and the public. This book covers a thousand years of interest in ancient Egypt, from classical writers to modern Egyptology, showing that medieval scholars in Egypt and beyond were as keen as we are on exploring ancient Egyptian sciences and arts.

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