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AIA Lecturer/Host: Stephen Mandal

Dr. Stephen Mandal is an expert on the Irish landscape, its archaeology, history, and geology. He is the co-founder of award-winning educational organizations: the Irish Archaeology Field School, Cultural Tourism Ireland, and Dig it Kids. The project he co-founded at the Blackfriary was awarded funding under the AIA’s Site Preservation program, and his company’s flagship project, ‘Digging the Lost Town of Carrig,’ is an ongoing major research and teaching excavation of the first castle built by the Anglo-Normans following their invasion of Ireland in A.D. 1169. He has presented academic and public talks on these projects in Ireland and internationally, including to the Smithsonian. On completion of his Ph.D. in Geoarchaeology (Trinity College Dublin), he spent two years as a post-doctoral research fellow in the Archaeology Department, University College Dublin. Stephen has served as Vice Chairperson of the Royal Irish Academy Committee for Archaeology (2009-2014); as External Examiner to Sligo Institute of Technology (2012-2015); and on a European committee to review cultural heritage tourism across the European Union (2013). He is a standing international guest speaker for the AIA’s national lecture program. Stephen has a wealth of experience in communicating geology, archaeology, and history at all levels, and on this AIA tour he will assist you in viewing the Irish landscape from the perspective of the people who lived there in the past.

Co-founder and CEO of the Irish Archaeology Field School and Cultural Tourism Ireland

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