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November 21, 2016

You Are What You Wear: Clothing and Adornment in the Ancient World

Two young visitors dressed up and enjoying historical props. (Photo Courtesy of Alexis Jordan)

This year to celebrate International Archaeology Day the AIA-Milwaukee Society hosted “You Are What You Wear: Clothing and Adornment in the Ancient World.” In ancient times, just like in modern times, different fashions and ways of dressing could say a lot about a person and their culture. The AIA-Milwaukee Society, along with University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s Departments of Anthropology, Art History, and FLL/Classics put together a wonderful program of activities and demonstrations to show how ancient fashions changed through time, and how clothes and jewelry were made. Visitors got to see weaving on a Neolithic standing loom, demonstrations of nålebinding, reenactors dressed up in ancient Roman garb, learn about ancient tattooing, and were able to make their own fibulae and other jewelry. Everyone had a wonderful time helping history come alive by making clothes and jewelry, and dressing up like the ancients did!

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