Plan for the Upcoming Season at Achill in 2015
We’ve finalized plans for the 2015 season at Achill Island, Ireland, and we have an action-packed summer ahead of us!
Cromlech Tumulus: Week Eighteen
Excavation of Bronze Age Round Houses on the southern slopes of Slievemore Mountain on Achill Island
Cromlech Tumulus: Week Seventeen
This entry from Achill Island, Ireland, is a description of a small project undertaken in the early spring of 2014 before the main excavations began.
Cromlech Tumulus: Week Sixteen
Work at Achill Archaeological Field School continues on a number of fronts, though the 2014 field season ended a little over two months ago.
Cromlech Tumulus: Week Fifteen
During the final week of 2014 field work, we offered our assistance to the Achill Historical and Archaeological Society.
Cromlech Tumulus: Week Fourteen
This week at Achill Island, Ireland, involved lectures and tours for a new group of students and a short but successful period of excavation.
Cromlech Tumulus: Week Thirteen
A number of jobs needed to be completed during the the main excavation's final week at the site on Achill Island, Ireland.
Cromlech Tumulus: Week Twelve
Work at Achill Island’s Cromlech Tumulus site continues for the twelfth week of excavations this summer.
Cromlech Tumulus: Week Eleven
Entering the final week for the second group of four week students, the recording phase was well under way.
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Cromlech Tumulus: Week Ten
This week was spent training on AutoCad on rainy days and cleaning up trenches for photography and drawings.


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