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James Kus is Emeritus Professor of Geography with the California State University at Fresno. He received his B.A. in History from Western Reserve University, his M.A. in Geography from Michigan State University, and his Ph.D. in Geography from U.C.L.A. in 1972.  His areas of specialization are Andean archaeology and geography, and his current research interests include the origins of agriculture in the New World (particularly techniques of water control and irrigation), and the pre-industrial city and origins of New World urbanism.  Professor Kus has conducted fieldwork in northern coastal Peru and central California, and has published extensively about Peruvian archaeology and geography in professional journals as well as encyclopedias. 

Chapurukha (Chap) Kusimba is with the Anthropology Department of the American University in Washington D.C, having been recently with the Field Museum and the University of Illinois in Chicago.  He holds his degrees from Bryn Mawr (Ph.D.) and Kenyatta University in Nairobi.  His specialties include the archaeology of complex societies and the origins of inequality, ancient African chiefdoms and states, urbanism in Africa, Islam in Africa, and the African Diaspora in Asia and the Americas.  He is Director and Co-Director of a number research projects, including “Ancient Trade Between China and East Africa”, the Chaul-Palshet Archaeological Program in Pune, India, and the Mount Elgon Anthropological Research Program (Kenya and Uganda).


Michael Laughy is with the Department of Classics at Washington and Lee University, and holds his degrees from the University of California, Berkeley (Ph.D.), Washington University in St. Louis, and the University of New Hampshire.  His areas of specialization are the history and archaeology of ancient Athens, the ancient Greek and Roman historians, ancient Greek religion and epigraphy, and world archaeology.

David Lee is with the American Rock Art Research Association, as well as Western Rock Art Research, the Mohave Rock Art Workshop, the Nevada Rock Art Foundation, the California Archaeological Site Stewardship Program, and the Australia Rock Art Research Association.  His particular fields of expertise include rock art of the Western U.S. and Australian rock art, and the archaeology of California, Mojave Desert, and the Great Basin. 

Irene Lemos is with School of Archaeology, Oxford University, and her research interests are early Greek archaeology and art, state formation in early Greece, Late Bronze and Iron Age exchange patterns in the Mediterranean, and the archaeology of Ionia.  She holds her degrees from Oxford University and the University of Athens, and is a Fellow of the Society of Antiquities.  She is currently the Director of Excavations and Publications for the Lefkandi-Xeropolis excavations in Euboea.  Her recent publications include "Euboea and Central Greece in the Post-palatial and early Greek periods", in Archaeological Reports 2011-2012, Z. Archibald (ed.), 2012.  Professor Lemos is an AIA  Kress Lecturer for the 2013/2014 season.

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