Changes for the 2015 Annual Meeting

Announcing a New Publication of Papers from the Annual Meeting

Selected Papers on Ancient Art and Architecture [SPAAA] is a new, peer-reviewed, annual series published by the Archaeological Institute of America, with the support of the Samuel H. Kress Foundation. SPAAA will showcase innovative, interdisciplinary, and methodologically sophisticated scholarship presented at the AIA Annual Meeting. Individual presenters or entire panels may be invited by the Editorial Board to submit their papers for consideration. All contributions will be subjected to a blind review process and judged on their individual merit. Papers selected for publication may be revised but not substantially expanded. Because of the short production time, contributors must commit to a strict schedule of deadlines. The printed volume will be available for purchase at the following Annual Meeting, and online through open access and print on demand.

Questions about SPAAA may be directed to the Series Editor, Mireille M. Lee (

Workshop Session Update

The Program Committee has updated the requirements for workshops. Workshops are meant to be flexible in ways that colloquia and general sessions are not, allowing time and space for participant and audience interaction, including debate and discussion, and audience participation, including hands-on activities and small-group work. There are now two proposed formats that an organizer can choose from: Forum or Demonstration. Full details on each type can be found in the workshop section of the Session formats page. Organizers are required to indicate thier format choice on the submission form.


The Program committe requests that presenters only list their primary affiliation as it relates to the paper or poster they are presenting. If multiple affiliations are submitted, only the first will be listed in the meeting materials. Affiliations should also not include a university department, but may include a center or institute. Please contact the AIA with any questions concerning how your affiliation should be listed.

Organized Session Timing

It is extremely important to take into account all of the timing for paper presentation, presenter changeover, introductions and discussion when assembling an organized session. All colloquia need to account for a 10 minute introduction. We also include 5 minutes between each paper for speaker changeover and a 15 minute break for sessions of four or more papers. 15 minutes will be added to any session that includes a discussant. The maximum number of discussants allowed in a colloquium is two. For a session with seven papers there are 65 minutes built into the program to accommodate these. Please be sure to request the proper amount of time for each speaker. Sessions with seven papers requesting 20 minutes each will not fit into the schedule. The PAMC will request timing changes to any accepted sessions that are over time. If you have any questions about the time your session will require please contact us at