Ancient Empires: Tunis, Malta, Sicily & Sardinia

Detailed Itinerary

Friday & Saturday, June 20 & 21, 2014 - Home / Tunis, Tunisia
Depart home on an overnight flight to Tunis. Upon arrival, transfer to the Variety Voyager. Enjoy a welcome reception and dinner on board this evening. Variety Voyager (R,D)
Sunday, June 22 - Tunis
View the stunning collection of exquisite ancient mosaics at the Bardo Museum, housed in a 13th-century palace. Then travel a short distance to the Punic and Roman ruins of Carthage, the ancient Phoenician empire that was the archrival of Rome in the second and third centuries. Completely destroyed during the Third Punic War, Carthage was later rebuilt to become one of the most important cities of the Roman Empire. Enjoy lunch in Sidi Bou Said, located atop a steep cliff with spectacular views of the Mediterranean. This beautiful little town, decked out in white houses with blue shutters and splashed everywhere with flowers, has for decades attracted artists and writers. Return to the ship and depart for Malta. Variety Voyager (B,L,D)
Monday, June 23 - Valletta, Malta
Valletta, the capital of Malta and a UNESCO World Heritage site, was built by the Knights Hospitaller Order of St. John to defend against Ottoman invasions in the 16th century. The National Museum of Archaeology provides an introduction to Malta’s prehistory and history and an overview of Malta’s archaeological sites. Then visit the village of Zurrieq’s Punic Tower and, by special permission, the Tas-Silg archaeological site, which includes the Punic Temple of Astarte and Tas-Silg Temple. Tas-Silg spanned 4,000 years of history—from the Bronze Age to the Phoenician-Punic, Roman, Byzantine, and Arab eras—and served as a religious site for various different cultures. Variety Voyager (B,L,D)
Tuesday, June 24 - Sicily (Selinunte)
Selinunte, an ancient Greek city on the southern coast of Sicily and the focus of many clashes between the Carthaginians and the Greeks, was destroyed and rebuilt several times. Explore the archaeological site, which contains five temples centered on an acropolis; only one of the five, the Temple of Hera, has been reconstructed. Enjoy an agroturismo lunch featuring locally grown food, learn how olive oil is produced, and taste local wines. Variety Voyager (B,L,D)
Wednesday, June 25 - Sicily (Erice & Segesta)
Visit Erice, an exquisite medieval hilltop town encircled by Phoenician and Norman fortifications. A Carthaginian stronghold during the Punic Wars, Erice was also a significant location of religious rites honoring various goddesses of fertility. Equally compelling is the majestic Temple of Segesta. Dating from around 430 BC, the temple commands sweeping views of the surrounding valley, and its nearperfect state of preservation makes it one of the most important surviving Doric temples from antiquity. Variety Voyager (B,L,D)
Thursday, June 26 - At Sea / Sardinia (Sulci)
After a morning at sea, disembark in Sardinia to visit the ruins of the ancient Carthaginian city of Sulci, where the Carthaginian general Hannibal took refuge during the First Punic War. Among the ruins are a Punic necropolis and a Phoenician/Punic tophet, a type of sanctuary where the bodies of infants were laid to rest. Variety Voyager (B,L,D)
Friday, June 27 - At Sea
Enjoy a relaxing day at sea, the ship’s amenities, and the conclusion of the educational program. Variety Voyager (B,L,D)
Saturday, June 28 - Anzio, Italy 
Disembark and transfer to Rome for flights home, or join the post-tour extension in Rome. (B)

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