Interactive Digs

June 11, 2018

Achill Island 2018: Week 4

This week we started to really get into the archaeology. With the sod removed the next task involved cleaning back the topsoil to reveal the various features. Already the form of the building is visible under the thick layers of rubble. A number of large in-situ stones from the walls can be seen poking out from the collapse. Once the rooty topsoil was cleaned back, we began to plan the site at a scale of 1:20. This is our first plan and it will record the site in its collapsed state. In addition to scaled drawings we also recorded the building using photogrammetry. These two techniques are complimentary, providing different kinds of information about the site. Compared to our previous excavations at Keem, Building 24 has yielded little in the way of finds so far. While it is still too early to say for sure, this may support our theory that it was seasonally occupied.