Achill Island 2015: Week 13 - Keem Bay
After a last day of major excavation, the final week at House 3 in Keem Bay involved cleaning, recording and backfilling.
Achill Island 2015: Week 12 - Keem Bay
Our goal was to work on the house at Keem Bay and backfill before the final group arrived to excavate elsewhere in the Keem settlement.
Achill Island 2015: Week 11 - Keem Bay
The students learned about the various recording methods this week, and we took a field trip to nearby Achillbeg Island.
Achill Island 2015: Week 10 - Keem Bay
After a course on ceramic identification and analysis, we opened up two new trenches to complete the excavation area.
Achill Island 2015: Week 9 - Keem Bay
This week, we wanted to make sure we could link the deposits we were working on back to the descriptions contained in the 2009 excavation report.
Achill Island 2015: Week 8 - Keem Bay
Our field school has relocated to start a new excavation at Keem Bay at the far western end of the island.
Achill Island 2015: Week 7 - Cromlech Tumulus
Our last week at the Cromlech Tumulus was spent planning and recording Quadrant 3 for a final time.
Achill Island 2015: Week 6 - Cromlech Tumulus
Before entering the final week at the Cromlech Tumulus for 2015, we needed to get as much of the building interior excavated as possible.
Achill Island 2015: Week 5 - Cromlech Tumulus
This week, we extended the trench over the Danish Ditch and starting to work on the myriad small features that have been revealed in Quadrant 3.
Achill Island 2015: Week 4 - Cromlech Tumulus
This week, students learned to draw archaeological finds and carefully removed soil layers overlying the interior of the site.


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