Achill Island 2015: Week 2 - Cromlech Tumulus
The second week at Achill Island marked the beginning of the main student groups to arrive for the summer.
Achill Island 2015: Week 1 - Cromlech Tumulus
The goal for the first week of the new season was to excavate a pre-bog field wall that connects the Court Tomb in Keel East townland to the Cromlech Tumulus site.
Final Preparations for 2015 Season
With just a week to go before our season of excavations start, it is quite a frantic time at Achill Archaeological Field School.
Plan for the Upcoming Season at Achill in 2015
We’ve finalized plans for the 2015 season at Achill Island, Ireland, and we have an action-packed summer ahead of us!
Cromlech Tumulus: Week Eighteen
Excavation of Bronze Age Round Houses on the southern slopes of Slievemore Mountain on Achill Island
Cromlech Tumulus: Week Seventeen
This entry from Achill Island, Ireland, is a description of a small project undertaken in the early spring of 2014 before the main excavations began.
Cromlech Tumulus: Week Sixteen
Work at Achill Archaeological Field School continues on a number of fronts, though the 2014 field season ended a little over two months ago.
Cromlech Tumulus: Week Fifteen
During the final week of 2014 field work, we offered our assistance to the Achill Historical and Archaeological Society.
Cromlech Tumulus: Week Fourteen
This week at Achill Island, Ireland, involved lectures and tours for a new group of students and a short but successful period of excavation.
Cromlech Tumulus: Week Thirteen
A number of jobs needed to be completed during the the main excavation's final week at the site on Achill Island, Ireland.


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