National Lecture Program

AIA Lecturer: Kasia Szpakowska

Affiliation: Swansea University

Kasia Szpakowska is Associate Professor of Egyptology at the University of Swansea, and Director of the Ancient Egyptian Demonology Project: 2K BCE.  She holds her degrees from the University of California, Los Angeles (Ph.D. and M.A.) and San Francisco State University.  Her research interests are the demonology of ancient Egypt, the archaeology of religion and ritual figures, Egyptian extra-temple ritual and religious practices (primarily the Middle Kindgom through the Third Intermediate Period), gender and daily life in the the Late Middle Kingdom and New Kingdom, and dreams and nightmares in ancient Egypt.  She is also conducting the experimental archaeology Ancient Egyptian Cobra Project.  Dr. Szpakowska’s recent publications include “Feet of Fury: Demon Warrior Dancers of the New Kingdom” (in Rich in Years, Great in Victories. Studies in Honour of Anthony J. Spalinger on the Occasion of his 70th Feast of Thoth, edited by R. Landgráfová and J. Mynářová, Charles University in Prague, 2016) and Infancy in a Rural Community: A Case Study of Early Childhood at Lahun” (in The Proceedings of the Xth International Congress of Egyptologists, ed. P. Kousoulis and N. Lazardis, Peeters 2016); she is also the author of Daily Life in Ancient Egypt: Reconstructing Lahun (Blackwell Publishing, 2008) and Behind Closed Eyes: Dreams and Nightmares in Ancient Egypt (The Classical Press of Wales 2003).

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