2018 Call for Papers: Audiovisual Equipment

Each room employed for a paper presentation session, field report session, colloquium session, or workshop session will be provided with the following audiovisual devices as standard equipment:

  • One LCD projector

  • One projection screen

  • Podium with light and microphone

  • Laser pointer

** Please note that the AIA will not offer 35 mm slide projectors on a complimentary basis. Should you require a slide projector, this will be at your own expense

Any additional devices must be rented from the conference venue on a single-case basis at the standard rate charged by the venue. The cost of this rental cannot be borne by the AIA and must therefore be borne by the presenter. Presenters who intend to rent additional devices should be certain to indicate this on the submission form. A confirmation of preordered special AV equipment and final costs will be sent in December 2017. Any associated cost will be invoiced to the presenter in late January 2018. Payment should be in the form of a check, money order, or credit card payment made payable to the Archaeological Institute of America and mailed to the attention of the Conference and Meetings Manager. (For mailing address, see Contact Information)

As an alternative to the rental of audiovisual equipment, presenters with access to these devices through other channels may wish to provide such devices themselves. Presenters who intend to provide their own audiovisual equipment should be certain to indicate this on their submission form so that arrangements can be made to provide the necessary extension cords.

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