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July 25, 2016

More than 100 Collaborating Organizations to Celebrate International Archaeology Day in 2016

This October, the Archaeological Institue of America will be joined by over 100 Collaborating Organizations to celebrate International Archaeology Day.  Each year, many organizations sign up to host events and help publicize IAD efforts in the months and weeks leading up to the third Saturday in October.  So far in 2016, we have had over 100 organizations signed up and events will be held everywhere from Bogotá, Colombia to Samara, Russia and many places in between!  Many of our collaborators have already listed their events on the International Archaeology Day calendar, which displays a map quickly being filled in with event markers.

See the full list of Collaborating Organizations.

Learn how your group can become a Collaborating Organization, visit our info page.

Find International Archaeology Day events in your area.

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