“Harm is what befell me, when I was but a child!”: Commemorating Children in Greco-Roman Egypt

Johns Hopkins University, Homewood Campus, Gilman Hall Room 50 Bowman Drive, Baltimore, MD

Baldwin Lecture As a special treat for our Members and Friends, the Johns Hopkins Archaeological Museum (Gilman Hall, room 150, directly above the lecture hall) will be open prior to the lecture from 4-5 pm. Please be sure to check out the new exhibition“ Who Am I? Remembering the Dead Through Facial Reconstruction” and other artifacts […]

Riots in Ancient Rome

University of Mississippi, Bryant Hall 209 Oxford, MS

Oliver Lecture

Public Lecture

University of Texas at Austin in Patton Hall room 102 305 East 23rd Street, Austin, TX

Dr. Adam Rabinowitz will be sharing highlights of his new and exciting field project at ancient Histria (Romania) on the Black Sea.