Call for Papers

Updates for the 2025 Annual Meeting

For the 2024 Annual Meeting in Chicago, the Program for the Annual Meeting Committee especially encourages the submission of organized sessions, papers, or posters that bring the archaeology of the Mediterranean world into conversation with that of the Americas and other regions around a shared thematic, methodological, or theoretical issue. These sessions will be highlighted in the program with the header, “Archaeologies in Dialogue: Thinking Across Boundaries.” We also welcome sessions that focus on a specific region or time-period and hope that these will continue to be prominently represented in the meeting program.

Session Organization

The Program Committee is committed to ensuring gender balance in Open and Organized sessions. The submission process has been modified to address this issue for both Organized and Open Sessions.

Organized Sessions: Session Organizers are responsible for fostering inclusivity in organized sessions. Session Organizers will be required to check a box affirming that participant diversity in terms of gender, race / ethnicity, and career stage have been taken into account in session composition. 

Open Sessions: While the Committee does not have access to speaker identities during the review process, Open Session contribution submitters will be asked to include their pronouns, which will only be visible at the stage when papers are organized into Open Sessions. As in the past, other identification information (Name, Institution, etc.) will not be visible.

New Submission Information

The list of topics to select from has been updated to better reflect the types of submissions the Program Committee has received in recent years. It has also been added to the colloquium and workshop forms.

The Program Committee has also added in new fields for open session submissions to help better group the accepted submissions into sessions. Please be sure to select from the pull-down menus for the Thematic Areas.

Submission Forms Update

The online forms are now integrated into the AIA website CMS. In order to submit a proposal you must have a registered account on the AIA Website. Without an account you cannot access the forms. You can create an account at If you already have an account but do not remember your password, you can retrieve it at

Permission to Present Materials

All presenters must verify, by checking boxes on the application, that their abstracts represent their own work except where explicitly noted otherwise; and that they will receive any necessary permissions before presenting unpublished material in their papers. The text of the statements is available in the Submission/Presentation Policies section.

Organized Session Timing

It is extremely important to take into account all of the timing for paper presentation, presenter changeover, introductions and discussion when assembling an organized session. All colloquia need to account for a 10 minute introduction. We also include 5 minutes between each paper for speaker changeover and a 15 minute break for sessions of four or more papers. 15 minutes will be added to any session that includes a discussant. The maximum number of discussants allowed in a colloquium is two. For a session with seven papers there are 65 minutes built into the program to accommodate these. Please be sure to request the proper amount of time for each speaker. Sessions with seven papers requesting 20 minutes each will not fit into the schedule. The PAMC will request timing changes to any accepted sessions that are over time. If you have any questions about the time your session will require please contact us at

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