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Achill Island, Ireland: Hantao

July 22, 2019

Hantao & Josh

我在Achill Archaeology Field School最大的收获便是获得的极为正规的考古训练.这里的考古遗迹 并不仅仅用作发掘训练之用, 实地主任会尽可能地将科研考古发掘或商业考古发掘的标准作为训练的要求. 由于我本科阶段并非考古专业,硕士阶段的课程中也不包含发掘课程,因此这六周的学习和训练对我的帮助很大,也弥补了我发掘经验的空白.

对于考古专业知识方面, 首先我亲身体会到了在考古资料的获取过程中,那些资料是可以获取到的,那些资料是无法被记录的,至少在 爱尔兰西部地区.其次, 通过对发掘地点周边疑似考古遗迹的点位进行实地调查, 我加深了周边自然环境对人类遗迹的‘塑形作用’的理解. 最后, 从景观考古学的角度而言,这六周的课程向我阐明了某一个遗迹中不同考古特征点之间的关系,丰富了‘宏观图像’中的‘细枝末节’.

—爱尔兰国立高威大学 景观考古学研究生 武翰涛

My greatest achievement at Achill Archaeology Field School is the extremely formal archaeological training. The archaeological site here is not only used for excavation training, the field director will try to use the standards of academic archaeological excavation or commercial archaeological excavation as training requirements. My undergraduate major is not archaeology, and my Masters program did not include excavation. The six weeks of study and training (Excavation & Recording 3) have helped me a lot and have given me practical experience of archaeological excavation.

As for archaeological expertise, first of all, I have come to understand how and why certain materials were used in the past by people in the West of Ireland. Secondly, through the field survey of potential archaeological sites located close to our excavation, I have deepened my understanding of the ‘shaping effect’. That is, how the surrounding natural environment determines the positioning of archaeological sites. Finally, from the perspective of landscape archaeology, this six-week course illustrated to me how the archaeological features uncovered at each individual site help form the ‘big picture’ of the area.

Hantao Wu is a Chinese master’s student majoring in Landscape Archaeology at NUI Galway and at the Achill Archaeological Field School.

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