Japan by Sea: Land of the Rising Sun

Dates: Thursday, April 13, 2017 to Wednesday, April 26, 2017 (14 days)
Tour Leader: Mikael Adolphson

Kenroku-en, Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan.

Cruise through the Inland Sea and the Sea of Japan on a delightful springtime exploration of Japan with AIA lecturer and host Mikael Adolphson, a Professor of Japanese Studies and an expert in pre-1600 Japan. This small nation of nearly 7,000 islands is wonderfully suited for exploration by small ship, and the all-suite, 57-cabin Caledonian Sky conveys us comfortably to a fascinating variety of tranquil historic towns, artistic centers, and remote islands that larger ships cannot access, including time ashore in both Kyoto and Tokyo. Experience dramatic coastlines, sacred temples, celebrated gardens, and cutting-edge art and architecture. Meet and interact with a kabuki actor and the owner of a traditional geisha house, take part in a traditional tea ceremony, attend a private performance of sacred bugaku dance, participate in a hands-on taiko drum workshop with the world-famous Kodo drummers, and marvel at the iconic beauty of Miyajima’s torii gate. An optional pre-cruise extension to Kurashiki and Naoshima, and an optional post-cruise extension to Kamakura and Hakone, are also available.

Aboard the all-suite, 57-cabin Caledonian Sky

Pricing starting at $9,990 Per Person/Double Occupancy
Single pricing starting at $16,490


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April 9 - 14 - Kurashiki & Naoshima

Thursday & Friday, April 13 & 14 - U.S. | Kyoto, Japan
Saturday, April 15 - Kyoto
Sunday, April 16 - Kyoto
Monday, April 17 - Kyoto | Kobe (Embark)
Tuesday, April 18 - Inland Sea | Hiroshima
Wednesday, April 19 - Miyajima
Thursday, April 20 - Hagi
Friday, April 21 - Ulsan, South Korea
Saturday, April 22 - Matsue, Japan
Sunday, April 23 - Kanazawa
Monday, April 24 - Sado Island
Tuesday, April 25 - Niigata | Tokyo
Saturday, April 26 - Tokyo | U.S.
** Note: Several days offer optional excursions from which to choose (see brochure). **

April 26 - 29 - Kamakura & Hakone

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