AIA Lecturer/Host: Andrew M.T. Moore

President of the AIA

Andrew M.T. Moore was born and raised in Devon, England, and gained early experience of archaeological fieldwork as a teenage volunteer on excavations of sites of many periods in the U.K. As an undergraduate at Oxford, he participated in digs organized by the Oxford University Archaeological Society, of which he became President, and in 1966 he joined Kathleen Kenyon’s excavation in Jerusalem. Postgraduate studies in archaeology at the University of London provided opportunities to participate in surveys and excavations in Italy, Malta, and Greece; and in the last four decades Dr. Moore has conducted field research in Turkey, Iraq, and Syria, as well as a landscape survey around Jericho in the Jordan Valley. Dr. Moore’s archaeological interests span the Middle East, the Mediterranean, and Europe. His earlier research concentrated on the advent of agriculture and sedentary life in western Asia, especially at the site of Abu Hureyra in Syria. In 2002 Dr. Moore began a new project to investigate the spread of farming around the Mediterranean and into southern Europe. At the invitation of colleagues in Croatia, he is conducting this research in central Dalmatia, through surveys and excavations at the Neolithic villages of Danilo and Pokrovnik. Dr. Moore has taught archaeology in the Departments of Anthropology at the University of Arizona and Yale University. At Yale he also served as Associate Dean in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, and in 1999 he went on to the Rochester Institute of Technology to become Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, a position he held for seven years, and later Dean of Graduate Studies. Recently retired, he is now the President of the AIA.

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