AIA Lecturer/Host: David Pendergast

Canadian archaeologist David Pendergast (Ph.D. UCLA 1961) was curator and later Vice President for Collections and Research (Deputy Director) at the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, until his retirement in 1999.  He began work on ancient Maya sites in Belize in 1961 and added a focus on Cuba in 1994, and he has served as lecturer/host on a number of tours in both of his areas of interest. The excavations that he and his Cuban counterpart Dr. Jorge Calvera have directed at the site of Los Buchillones have revealed unique and excellently preserved remains of thatched houses, as well as numerous wooden and other artifacts, used by the Taino from before the 13th century to the time of early Spanish presence in the 16th century. The work has received worldwide attention, and is the first archaeological project to receive the Cuban government’s prestigious Premio Ciencias Sociales (Social Sciences Prize).