Iran: The Ancient Land of Persia (land tour)


Wednesday, May 3, 2017 to Thursday, May 18, 2017
(16 days)
Tour Leader: Alexander Nagel


This trip is still in its planning stages. Please contact us for further details.

"It’s amazing to me how so many things were incorporated while maintaining good organization and flexibility; our guides were wonderful and provided us with a smooth, varied and interesting journey." 
- Sally, Michigan

The art and archaeology of the Persian Empire, as well as its complex interactions with ancient Greece, Mesopotamia, and Egypt, are a focus of your AIA study leader’s research and expertise. This special tour of Iran includes eight UNESCO World Heritage sites. One of them, Persepolis, you will visit twice; it is considered one of the world’s most spectacular archaeological sites. In addition to the dazzling cities of Tehran, Shiraz, and Isfahan, discover the Sasanian religious center of Takht-e Soleiman; Pasargadae, location of the first Persian capital; Yazd, one of the last strongholds of Zoroastrianism; and much more.




(subject to change)

Wednesday, May 3, 2017: Depart Home
Thursday, May 4: Istanbul, Turkey | Tehran, Iran
Friday, May 5: Tehran
Saturday, May 6: Tehran
Sunday, May 7: Tehran | Soltaniye | Takht-e Soleiman | Takab
Monday, May 8: Takab | Hamadan | Ganj Nameh | Tepe Nush-e Jan | Kermanshah
Tuesday, May 9: Kermanshah | Bisotun | Taq-e Bostan | Kermanshah
Wednesday, May 10: Kermanshah | Yazd
Thursday, May 11: Yazd
Friday, May 12: Yazd | Taft | Pasargadae | Shiraz
Saturday, May 13: Shiraz | Naqsh-e Rostam | Persepolis | Shiraz
Sunday, May 14: Shiraz | Firuzabad | Shiraz
Monday, May 15: Shiraz | Persepolis | Isfahan
Tuesday, May 16: Isfahan
Wednesday, May 17: Isfahan
Thursday, May 18: Isfahan | Istanbul, Turkey | Home

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