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Recent Archaeological Excavations in Afghanistan

CO, United States

Mr. Noor Agha Noori. M.Phil, Director, Archaeological Institute of Afghanistan Recent Archaeological Excavations in Afghanistan Abstract: Recent archaeological explorations seem to affirm that Afghanistan is the emerging place of many civilizations in South and Central Asia. This land was also the confluence of many trade goods along what would become known as the silk road. […]

Across a Narrow Sea: Ancient Greeks and Roman in the Adriatic Sea

Often neglected by Classical scholars, the coastal region of Dalmatia in southern Croatia held significant appeal to the ancient Greeks and Romans for over a thousand years. Positioned on a major trade route from central Europe into the Mediterranean, the archaeology of Dalmatia from the 6th c. B.C. to the 3rd c. A.D. reveals how […]

After Actium: Egypt in the Roman Imagination

by Molly Swetnam-Burland (Adina Allen Term Distinguished Associate Professor of Classical Studies, College of William and Mary) After the defeat of Cleopatra at the battles of Actium and Alexandria, there was a fascination with Egyptian culture and a taste for Egyptian and Egyptian-looking artworks in Rome. In this lecture, I will discuss objects as large […]

The Archaeology of “Race” in the Roman Empire: Old Problems, New Approaches

Can we write an archaeology of "race" in the Roman period? This paper considers the question through the lens of images of and artefacts related to Aethiopians (that is, Sub-Saharan Africans). After providing a brief overview of the corpus of objects and their imagery and the critical axioms of their study, the paper will propose […]

Münzen aus römischen Militärplätzen. Zu Theorie, Methodik und Praxis der Fundmünzenauswertung

---Digital conference--- Friday, December 18, 2020 Coins from Roman military sites. Theory, methodology and practice in analyzing coin finds - Münzen aus römischen Militärplätzen. Zu Theorie, Methodik und Praxis der Fundmünzenauswertung Since the activities of the Reichslimeskommission in the late 19th century, Roman coins from the military sites along the Neckar and the Upper Germanic-Rhaetian […]

Mr. Abdul Hafiz Latify, Archaeologist, Archaeology Institute of Afghanistan Afghanistan during the Bronze Age: Trade and Cultural Contacts with the Neighboring Regions

Abstract: The Later Prehistoric Period (Chalcolithic/Bronze) research in the region of modern day Afghanistan began in the early part of twentieth century but the general picture of this period in this region remained obscure until the middle of 20th century. Those early phases of researches did not have the Later Prehistoric Periods as an individual […]

Great Monuments Lecture Series: THE LASTING LEGACIES OF MESOPOTAMIA Ideas, Monuments, Images

Penn Museum 3260 South St, Philadelphia, PA, United States

Many of the fundamental cultural features of modern western societies have their origins in the civilizations of Mesopotamia, which flourished from 3000 to 323 BCE in the land between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, now modern Iraq. This exploration will highlight aspects of this lasting legacy, with special reference to the collections on display in the […]