Annual Photo Contest Winners
March 8, 2017

After a week of voting, several winning photographers have emerged from the AIA's Sixth Annual Photo Contest. This year's contest included 170 photo submissions in the following categories: Archaeological Landscapes, Monuments, Excavation, Field Life, and Fun Finds. The 2017 submissions depicted archaeological sites in 29 different countries! Click here to see all submissions.


Congratulations to all our winners!  First place winners and runners-up will receive a complimentary year-long membership to the AIA.


Archaeological Landscapes

Honorable Mention: Can Scatter Along the Camino Real
Paraje San Diego, Las Cruces, New Mexico, United States
By Ali Scotten

Runner-up: Storm Clouds over Trim Castle
Trim Castle, Trim, Ireland
By Caitlin Lobl

Winner: Above the Chaos
The Kephali, Sissi, Greece
By Gavin McGuire



Honorable Mention: An excavation day with Phaistos Project
Chalara Quarter, Festòs, Crete, Greece
By Alexia Giglio

Runner-up: A Helping Hand
The Kephali, Sissi, Crete, Greece
By Gavin McGuire

Winner: Student volunteer sifting soil
Great Neck field school, Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States
By Kaitlyn Holmes


Field Life

Honorable Mention: A much needed break in Sitia, Crete
Petras, Sitia, Crete, Greece
By Stephen Guerriero

Runner-up: That inscription is purrr-fect!
Thasos Island, Greece
By Chelsea Gardner

Winner: Kolatzio Reggae - Breakfast
The Kephali, Sissi, Crete, Greece
By Gavin McGuire


Fun Finds

Honorable Mention: Landowner and workers with preclassic bowl recovered during survey at Chi'Kaqajaay.
Chi'Kaqajaay, San Pedro La Laguna, Solola, Guatemala 
By Gavin Davies

Runner-up: A cup-marked stone emerges from a trench on a Late Bronze Age hillfort
Outeiro do Circo, Beja, Portugal
By Kate Leonard

Winner: Late Minoan IB Seal
The Kephali, Sissi, Crete, Greece
By Gavin McGuire



Honorable Mention: Icarus has fallen
Valley of the Temple of Agrigento, Agrigento, Italy
By Vivian Laughlin

Runner-up: Return to the Jungle: 19th Century Sugar Mill
Laminai, Belize
By Jane Waldbaum

Winner: The Wrath of Poseidon
The Kephali, Sissi, Crete, Greece
By Gavin McGuire

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