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Egypt Revisited

Tour Dates: February 13-28, 2021 in the planning stages (16 days)

Tour Leader(s): Stephen Harvey ,

This tour is in the planning stages for the February 2021 departure. To be notified before others when the tour is available and to receive a detailed brochure, contact us at 800-748-6262 or

You are invited to discover Egypt on a brand-new, custom-designed tour in the company of AIA lecturer/host Stephen Harvey, Egyptology guide Enass Salah, and a professional tour manager.

Highlights are many and varied:

  • Gain inside access to the Red Pyramid at Dahshur, enter the burial chamber of the collapsed pyramid at Meidum, and visit two mud-brick pyramids (Illahun and Hawara) at the Fayoum Oasis.
  • Go behind-the-scenes at the ancient necropolis of Saqqara to see some of the new and remarkable excavations that are not open to the public, including (pending final confirmation) special access to the newly-discovered, 5th-dynasty Tomb of Wah Ti.
  • Make a special, private visit (permission pending) to the new Grand Egyptian Museum.
  • Explore the necropoli of Beni Hasan, known for its 39 rock-cut tombs with well-preserved paintings of dancing, acrobatics, juggling, fishing, hunting, and weaving; and Tuna el-Gebel, with huge catacombs for thousands of mummified ibises and baboons, and much more.
  • Visit Tell el-Amarna, which replaced Thebes (modern Luxor) as capital of Egypt under the heretic, 18th-dynasty pharaoh Akhenaton and was significant for its monotheism and distinctive artistic style.
  • Enjoy two in-depth visits to Abydos, where Stephen Harvey has worked for over 25 years, including visits to the spectacular Temple of Seti I, with its invaluable “Abydos King List” and chapels with exquisite reliefs; and special access to descend into the tomb of Senwosret III, one of the largest ever built and the first known example of a hidden royal tomb.
  • Discover two interesting and lesser-visited sites near Luxor: the Temple of Montu (the falcon-headed god of war) at El-Tod, and the tomb of Ankhtifi, a provincial governor and warlord, at El-Mo’alla.
  • See what is perhaps a different side of Cairo: have lunch at Al-Azhar Park, a glorious public space with splendid views of Islamic Cairo; and visit the 9th-century Mosque of Ibn Tulun, the city’s oldest mosque in its original form and its largest mosque in terms of area.
  • Enjoy luxurious and best available accommodations throughout, with two to four nights at each property except our final night at an ideally-located, 5-star airport hotel.
  • Extend your adventure with a pre-tour program in Egypt’s Siwa Oasis and Alexandria (accompanied by Steve Harvey), and/or a post-tour program to Jordan, including Petra, Jerash, Madaba, and Wadi Rum.

Reserve your space today by calling 800-748-6262 or emailing There are only 16 spaces available!

Ramesses II in Luxor Temple ©Mohammed Moussa

Boundary stela A, located on the approach to Tuna el-Gebel © Roland Unger

Medinet Habu, the mortuary temple of Ramesses III © Rhikal

Temple at El-Tod © Marc Ryckaert

Ramesseum, Luxor © Marc Ryckaert

Seti I Temple at Abydos © Olaf Tausch

Black Pyramid of Amenemhat_III © Tekisch

Red Pyramid © Olaf Tausch

Siwa Oracle Temple © Sara Nabih

Petra, Jordan © Brad Mering


Day 1: Fly to Cairo, Egypt
Day 2: Arrive in Cairo | Welcome dinner
Day 3: Cairo: Grand Egyptian Museum, Museum of Egyptian Antiquities
Day 4: Dahshur: Bent & Red Pyramids | Saqqara excavations
Day 5: Meidum | Fayoum (Faiyum) Oasis: Illahun & Hawara
Day 6: Wadi el-Hitan (Valley of the Whales)
Day 7: Al Minya | Beni Hasan
Day 8: Tuna el-Gebel
Day 9: Tell el-Amarna | Abydos
Day 10: Abydos: Shunet es-Zebib, Great Osiris Temple, Seti I Temple
Day 11: Abydos: Tomb of Senwosret III | Luxor
Day 12: Ramesseum | Medinet Habu
Day 13: El-Tod | El-Mo’alla
Day 14: Luxor: At leisure
Day 15: Fly to Cairo | Al-Azhar Park | Mosque of Ibn Tulun | Khan el-Khalili bazaar | Farewell dinner
Day 16: Fly Home or Fly to Amman, Jordan

Pre Siwa Extension Feb 5-14

Day 1: Fly to Cairo, Egypt
Day 2: Cairo | El-Alamein War Museum and cemeteries | Marsa Matruh
Day 3: Siwa Oasis
Day 4: Siwa: Oracle of Amun, Gebel Al Mawta, Shali
Day 5: Drive to Alexandria
Day 6: Alexandria: National Museum, Kom al-Dikka, Bibliotheca Alexandrina
Day 7: Alexandria | Cairo

Optional, Post-Tour Extension: Jordan
Post Jordan extension February 28-March 4

Day 1: Cairo | Fly to Amman, Jordan | Jordan Archaeological Museum | Amman city tour | ACOR
Day 2: Jerash | Ajloun Castle | Amman
Day 3: Mt. Nebo | Madaba | Lunch at a local home | Um er-Rasas | Petra
Day 4: Petra
Day 5: Wadi Rum | Amman | Fly Home

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This tour is in the planning stages for the February 2021 departure. To be notified before others when the tour is available and to receive a detailed brochure, contact us at 800-748-6262 or


For reservations or questions, please email us at (and include your full name) or call us toll-free at (800) 748-6262 (toll: 603-756-2884).

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