Fieldnotes: News Briefs

Brief news items on the AIA professional membership and newsworthy activities in the field, including links to recently published institutional press releases or articles in the media.

Press Release - August 15, 2011
Cultural Heritage Imaging (CHI), a San Francisco-based non-profit, is offering free training in high-tech imaging to local and national museum professionals at a series of workshops throughout the US. Museum staff use the imaging techniques to create beautiful, high-resolution, interactive media that reveal never-before-seen surface details and enhance research efforts and public education programs. - July 5, 2011
  Two archaeologists in Oregon invested in a commercial building, only to find that the back parking lot was built upon a trash pit once used by Chinese immigrants.
Fox News Latino - June 29, 2011
  The remains of 116 people have been uncovered in a ninth-century cemetery in southeastern Mexico. “The 66 burials in urns correspond to individuals belonging to the Mayan elite and the other 50 – placed in different positions around them – to their companions in the afterlife,” said Ricardo Armijo of the National Anthropology and History Institute.
The Telegraph - June 21, 2011
  Clouds blocked the view of the sunrise this morning at Stonehenge, but some 18,000 people still attended the summer solstice festivities.