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A Message from AIA President Elizabeth Bartman about the Norton Legacy Society
February 25, 2011 | by Elizabeth Bartman

Dear Friends of AIA,
What is the Norton Legacy Society? Simply put, it is a means of donating to the AIA a portion of your estate upon your death.  Joining does not require expensive legal assistance or even a will, but can be as simple as designating the AIA as one of the beneficiaries of your IRA, your 401(k) retirement fund, or your life insurance policy.  Or there are other means such as a Charitable Gift Annuity or Lead Trust, which provide significant tax advantages to your heirs—why give your money to Uncle Sam?
Named for the founder and first president of the AIA, the Norton Society includes some of the AIA's most far-sighted supporters.  Each year we thank them with an exclusive and festive party at the Annual Meeting as well as other events.  Joining now is simple and will provide the AIA with a gift of inestimable value in the future.
You can learn more about the Norton Society and its benefits by calling the AIA at 877-524-6300 (toll free) or 617-353-8709, faxing it at 617-353-6550, or by emailing Jennifer Klahn at
I hope to see you among the Norton Society members next year when we celebrate at the Annual Meeting in Philadelphia.
Elizabeth Bartman
President and AIA Norton Society member
Learn more about the Norton Legacy Society by clicking here.

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