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Cultural Heritage Preservation in a Dangerous World: Humanitarian Crises and Revolutions
January 6, 2012

This morning the Cultural Heritage by AIA-Military Panel (CHAMP) Workshop discussed aspects of cultural heritage preservation during humanitarian and political upheaval taking place across the globe.


The Cultural Heritage by AIA-Military Panel (CHAMP) ( hosted a lively workshop on 6 Jan about working with the militarry to preserve cultural heritage wherever the miitary operates. The workshop began with introductions by Dr. Laurie Rush and Dr. C. Brian Rose, CHAMP co-chairmen, who each discussed the efforts of CHAMP since its start in 2004, when the AIA troop lecture program was started by Dr. Rose. Afterwards, all present in the room were asked to introduce themselves to highlight the diverse qualifications of the members. (See the list of contacts on the CHAMP website! The group then split into roundtables to explore different facets of cultural heritage in difficult and various operations, such as war, humanitarian crises (natural and manmade disasters), and  revolutions. The Education Roundtable, moderated by Dr. Lisa Kahn, Georgetown University, focused on education and training of military personnel to identify, understand, and protect cultural heritage. The Contingency Planning Roundtable, hosted by Mr. Ben Roberts, Brockington Associates, discussed development of plans and policy for contingency (60-90 day) and long-range operations, so that the plans can be immediately implemented upon need. The Cultural Heritage Property Roundtable, moderated by Dr. Corinne Wegener, US President of the Blue Shield, discussed how to make various tools (GIS maps, databases, and archives) available to a wide variety of users. The International Military Cultural Resource Working Group (IMCuRWG) Roundtable, hosted by Dr. Joris Kila, The Hague, discussed efforts by foreign military organizations, primarily NATO, to work with CHAMP and other groups to preserve cultural heritage. Dr. Kila has been instrumental in assessing security of Libyan and Egyptian sites over the last year. Dr. Philip Stinson, Kansas University, hosted a roundtable on Original Research topics and research in the cultural research field. Each roundtable generated lively discussion on the goals, methods, and action items required to accomplishing the goals of its table. These will be posted on the CHAMP Annual Meeting 2012  website in the near future, and each moderator will continue to work towards accomplishing all the goals and actions determined by their groups.

Anyone interested in working with the military to further the goals of CHAMP is encouraged to contact Laura Childs (  and Antoinette Egitto(  (pictured here).

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