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August 9, 2017

Zominthos Field Notes 2017: Week 5

The excavation of Room 4 is completed revealing a very well preserved paved floor (Fig.1) and the east entrance with two humble pillars and benches (north, east, west) at the north side of the foreroom (Fig.2). The north pillar is removed due to its very bad condition. Conservation works continued with the west wall and the west bench. Some of the most interesting finds are parts of plaster with decorated white and red surface (Fig.3).

During the fifth week, the reveal of the paved floor (limestones and schists) on the ground level of the room was continued (Fig.1). At the SE corner of the room came to light a double stone cist (Fig.2). A similar single stone cist was also revealed at the NW part of the room. A niche embedded at the north wall of the room (Fig.3) and a simple small wall that defines a deposit at the SW corner of the room with many conical cups came to light. The base of a pithos (Fig.4), a stirrup jar, a stone bead, fallen small parts of red and dark plaster, animal bone fragments and several pieces of burnt woods were collected.

This year’s limited investigation in Room 46 came to an end after the removal of four more layers of loose, dark earth in its northern part (Fig. 1). Attached to the western and underneath of the northern wall of the room have appeared the upper parts possibly of walls or some other kind of constructions, whose exact function and date is yet unclear. The fill of the room has been so far extremely poor in finds: apart from pottery sherds and bones, only two conical cups and a tiny piece of rock crystal were collected.

In fifth week the excavation of Room 47 continues in all parts of the room. In this week the stone floor in the east side of room 47 has been revealed. Αn older wall which separates the room in three different parts has been excavated (Fig.1). Among the finds of the fifth week are included an obsidian, a little jag (Fig.2), other vases for various uses (Fig.3) and a shell.

The excavation of the fourth week continued in the west and the north part of the Area 57A. The older wall continues further west outside the Area 57A. The north wall, also continues further north (Fig.1). The whole area was plenty of ceramic parts from different vessels in shape and dimensions, like pithos and parts of different other vases and small conical cups.

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