BBC Research & Development Team Wants to Hear From You

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Rob Holloway & Sarah Davies, History Development, BBC Factual London
September 10, 2010

The BBC London History Development team wants to hear from you! We're always keen to keep fully briefed in the field of archeaology and would love to hear about projects that you're working on, even still dreaming up. Underwater archeaology, using new methods and techniques to uncover the past (like LiDAR and satellite imaging), aerial archeaology, projects that attempt to reconstruct past settlements/ships/farms and of course new , exciting digs - are all of interest to us. We're already working with academics in the field of Neolithic Temples, Mycenaean early 'city' sites, we're using 'space' archeaology to look at ancient civilsiations with fresh 'eyes' and we're attempting to re-live great journeys and events from history. So ancient and modern archeaology are all of interest to us. So if you have a project that you think may translate into compelling televison - let us know. Email or - and tell us about how you're helping us all to understand our past.....