Student Notebooks

Ferrycarrig, Ireland: Thomas

January 28, 2019

Thomas Bowden, Flinders University, Adelaide, South Australia

I decided to come study here because I needed to gain more experience in practical archaeology. In addition, European history and archaeology – particularly the Neolithic interests me. The program at Carrick seemed interesting and I wanted to do it more because it was the only one which fit my schedule.

Other than gaining archaeological experience, I hoped to gain more experience in travelling and organizing myself (Ireland will be my first trip abroad alone). I also hoped to see some of the famous and interesting historical sites in the country.

I liked troweling the wall (F1010) in Cutting 1 and then surveying and changing a plan. I have also enjoyed the tours to Ferns, Hook and around the Carrick site. I think the practicals of archaeology is the most enjoyable part.

I would say the best parts of my experience has been the practical archaeology we have been doing but also the homestay. I would say having the homestay has made me feel more comfortable and at ease with being here.

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