Interactive Digs

July 25, 2022

Zominthos 2022: Week 2

Space 61A, Space 73, Space 74

The excavation continues to the western side of Zominthos Palace. Space 61A (Fig.1) is rich in vessels and pottery sherds. The investigation is also focused at the area below the limestone slabs (that are now removed) of the supposed wall, that divided Space 61 and Space 61A, where lots of pottery sherds and some intact cups have been found (Fig.2). The investigation at Space 73 and 74 is almost completed (Fig.3).

Northern part of the North Court

The excavation of the North court began last season. This season the investigation is focused on the northern part of the North Court (Fig.4), east of Space 72. So far, a great amount of pottery sherds and some small sea pebbles have been collected and part of the drain has been uncovered.