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Ferrycarrig Q&A

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  1. Dema Hamza

    Hi there, can you please answer this questions regarding the Lost Town of Carrig?
    -Where is the site located?
    -Who is excavating the site?
    -What kinds of research topics are they interested in?
    -What are the latest updates to the site?

  2. Grace Barber

    Hi there,

    I am doing a class project and wanted to use this archaeological dig. Can you answer these questions?
    1. Where? Where is the dig taking place?
    2. What? What civilization(s) is being researched? What stage is the excavation in?
    3. Who? Who is in charge of the dig? From where does the funding come?
    4. When? When did the civilization(s) being researched live? How long has the dig been going on? How long will the dig continue?
    5. Why? What is the focus of the research? What do the archaeologists hope to discover?

  3. Denis Shine

    Hi Ariana,

    A great question. This is Denis, one of the primary investigators on the project. Things preserve very differently in Ireland, as everywhere, depending on context. For example in the midlands of Ireland, where I live, we have extensive raised bogs, where some of our finest organics finds have been recovered due to the anaerobic conditions. Similar preservation can also be achieved at medieval sites, like Carrick, in cess deposits and the like. It is also worth bearing in mind that we have only been occupied for c. 12,000 years based on current knowledge, so we don’t have much in the way of a Palaeolithic. At Carrick itself the preservation is actually very good. The site is only 850 years old, but is well drained, with favorable soil pH. Hope that helps and Happy Christmas.

  4. Denis Shine

    Hi Olivia,

    This is Denis, one of the primary investigators on the project. Our numbers really vary on site, anything from 5 or 6 during mobilisation and shut-down to 30+ at the height of our season. We are all working simultaneously but frequently on different tasks like excavation, survey, on-site post excavation, public engagement etc. We do also frequently have specialist teams on site with the students (for example for geophysics, video diaries, ground-based LiDAR and the like). Hope that helps. Happy Christmas

  5. Olivia Cunningham

    Hey there, I was just wondering how many people make up your team on the site? I see there are 18 student Journals. When excavating, would everyone be working there at the same time?
    I am conducting a case study on your findings and process so just was wondering what the size of the team is roughly:)
    Thanks for your time,

  6. Ariana Del Olmo Medina

    I had a question regarding preservation. What elements could make it difficult in Ireland to find well perceive artifacts? Because of the high humidity, I am sure it can be a little tough on preservation.


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