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September 29, 2009

Zominthos: Video Tour of the Site


  1. Rachael Hirt

    Dear Mrs. Sapouna-Sakellarakis,
    I am a recent graduate of the Institute of Fine Arts, NYU. My adviser for my MA thesis, mentor and now good friend is Gunter Kopcke. I was curious if you have any space for volunteers for your 2018 season? I would welcome any opportunity to be a part of your dig. I look forward to hearing from you.
    With Best Wishes,
    Rachael Hirt

  2. Wesley Rose

    Wow. This site is just amazing. It is the substance of my dreams of late – both asleep and awake. I enjoy it the most I suppose because it is not filtered, doctored up, or fake. From the most mundane (yet significant and important) visage to the most detailed panoramic view, there is more than enough to capture ones imagination and hold one spellbound for hours. It is truly impressive the way the many facets of a dig are represented and actually depict the extensive and articulate work that requires skill and and real patience. That is why I chose this interactive dig site as “the example” for my ongoing research and study as well as an introduction for folks to this amazing work. I only regret that I cannot see the site in person. Even so, at times it does seem as though I am there and just looking over someone’s shoulder. I have to say, this discipline truly has come a long way and has developed technologies and techniques that could not even be conceived when I was a youth. Yes, I dating myself somewhat. No need for Carbon 14, but lets just say my grandfather was born in the 19th century and my father in the early second decade of the 20th. It was their retelling of history and experiences that first made my “curious bone” begin to grow.

  3. Philippe MONBRUN

    Dear Mrs Efi Sapouna-Sakellarakis,
    Dear Zominthos team,
    I’m Maître de Conférences in History of Ancient Greece at the University of Montpellier, in France, and I would like very much to meet you and visit your archeological site this summer. I’ll be in Crete for 3 weeks and would like to know if it is possible to come one day during the first week of August? What are your opening hours?
    Thank you for answering me by mail until next thursday the 16th of July, or later by phone / sms (0033648648857). Could you give me a phone number to call you il necessary?
    Your Internet site is truly a genuine success with regard to both the process and content. I’ve been several times in Anogia and on the Nida plateau but I am going to be very interested in seeing from closer the local highlanders of the Antiquity. By the way, is it possible to visit the Idaean Cave?
    Looking forward to meet you. All the best for you, your island and your country, especially now.
    Chairetismata apo ti Gallia,
    Philippe Monbrun

  4. brent kinder

    heard about the vandalism today, home everything is ok. someday I hope to do a full tour of your site.

  5. brent kinder

    Thanks for the reply, we’ll be driving by and wave I suppose.
    good luck with your research and digging.

  6. Efi Sapouna-Sakellaraki

    Dear Mr.Kinder,
    I’m afraid that visiting Zominthos will not be possible at that time because it will be closed.
    However, it will probably be possible to visit the Idaean Cave.

  7. brent kinder

    will be driving to Ideon Andron May 20, Wednesday in the afternoon (14:00)
    can I stop by? are there rules? would love a tour of your site!
    please say yes!

  8. brent kinder

    will be traveling to crete May 13-21, will someone be at the site, I would love to see it,
    planning on going to the Ideon Cave as well.

  9. Dimitrios Dendrinos

    Dear Ms. Sapouna-Sakellaraki,
    Thank you very much for your reply. Good luck with your excavations, and hope that your findings and scientific results based on them contribute to the history glorious past of Hellas.

  10. Efi Sapouna-Sakellaraki

    Dear Mr Dendrinos,
    Since Zominthos is not a cemetery, I don’t find it curious that we have not yet located any human bones.
    Concerning human sacrifice, it is a religious act performed for very special reasons. Given that it is not connected to Zominthos I don’t think this is the place to discuss such topic.

  11. Dimitrios Dendrinos

    Dear Ms. Efi Sapouna-Sakellaraki,
    Thank you very much for your kind and informative answers to my queries, and I deeply appreciate the honor of your response.
    If I may take the liberty of a follow up on your answers, how do you explain not finding (so far) any human remains at Zominthos?
    I also take it that there is then evidence of human sacrifice in Minoan Crete (Anemospilia). Was any DNA analysis carried out on those remains?
    In summary, I find your and your husband’s work fascinating, and wish you all the best in your scientific endeavors.

  12. Efi Sapouna-Sakellaraki

    Dear Mr.Dendrinos,
    I appreciate your interest for our finds.
    We haven’t found any human bones at Zominthos.
    Maybe you have mistaken the site of Zominthos with that of Anemospilia, where a human sacrifice was uncovered by Yannis Sakellarakis and myself in 1979.

  13. Dimitrios Dendrinos

    In a related question to the one I posed on August 18th, some non-Greek archeologists have made claims to the effect that the Minoans practiced human sacrifice. Have you found any evidence to support or debunk such claims? Thank you.

  14. Dimitrios Dendrinos

    If human bones were found at this site, has the team carried out DNA analysis? If yes, please provide any information available on their DNA and links to DNA from Minoan era humans, as well as contemporary DNA from Crete. Thank you.

  15. Jane Goodfellow Straub

    This is a wonderful video.Such a beautiful place and mysterious culture!
    I’m so sorry about the passing of this wonderful professor. He gave so much and made a great contribution to history. What a fortunate human being to have a passion he could enjoy, make great contributions, and share his knowledge with future generations.

  16. webmaster

    Psarantonis, composer of this music, was a very close friend of Sakellarakis and provided the song for the film.

  17. Samuel France

    The music is very nicely played and recorded. (I own a sitar.) It would be nice for the video to have credits for it.
    This video kept my attention all the way through, which suggests that a longer video that isn’t always quite so riveting would be well-watched. I.e., one that’s a little more boring (lol) with details, for example, site layout, and a description of the purpose of the ecological restoration. A description of the techniques and goals would be helpful, for example, I was concerned with what looked like a modern reconstruction using mortar. (?) The description of Linear A prospects certainly needed a little more explanation. Have new texts been found?
    This video is well above average. Let’s see more!
    S. France

  18. webmaster

    Information for those wishing to visit the site: Unfortunately, the site is not open any other days apart from those that excavation takes place. This is for safety reasons. The 2012 excavations are now over, so the site is closed.

  19. Penny and Dave Simcock

    Congratulations on your wonderful work.Hope we can visit during our stay 25 Sept – 2 Oct. Regular visitors to Crete. Will you confirm the site will be open and best day[s] to come over?

  20. Kittie woodard

    Hope you can get this unblocked-sounds wonderful-but it’s blocked here in the US like the last person admitted.
    Am coming to Crete in October was wondering if this site is open to visitors?

  21. Jackson Roberts

    I am wondering why this video is blocked for the United States. I was supposed to write a paper about the video for a school project, but I cannot because YouTube has blocked the video.

  22. Edmund Moriarty

    I work for BBC Television in the UK, and we are making a ‘World History’ series. Would it be possible to speak to or email Dr. Efi Sapouna-Sakellarakis. I have some research questions which I hope she may be able to help me with. Many thanks,
    Edmund Moriarty
    BBC London Factual

  23. Costas Papadopoulos Team Member of the ''Zominthos Project''

    Zominthos’ team would like to thank you all for your comments!! In a few days more information will be posted for the current excavation season! Stay tuned!!

  24. Anna Hamilton-Doig

    As a budding archaeology student, experiencing this film made me remember why I have always loved archaeology in the first place. Learning the theories, physical and cultural sciences and techniques is essential-yet so is the felt experience, the imagination, the delight of participation in the past-and dare I say it? The Romance!! Absolutely delicious!! I have a sense that this film is, even now, contributing to the possibilities of my own archaeological voice. Thank you for illustrating your passion in such a complete way-hard work, sound, nature, art, science, beauty, history, its all there in your interpretation. Thank you

  25. Lynn Patten

    As I watched, entered, this marvelous video I realized my breathing was slowing down and I experienced such a sense of wonder and awe. The captivating voice, music, images and sunlight worked together into a feeling I’ll never forget.
    Thank you.

  26. Costas Papadopoulos Team Member of the ''Zominthos Project''

    Thanks a lot for the compliments…We all work hard for this site since it is our passion. It still has lots of secrets that will definitely impress us all in the forseeable future…

  27. tony roman

    This piece of film was so mesmerizing in its bits of floral beauty, interspaced with magnificent works of art once hidden in the earth and brought back to life by men & women called archaeologist yet i call them magicians for they make these wonders of art to reappear for all to see what ancient people were capable of achieving with simple tools and a hugh amount of patience. This “patience” as we call it, this state of being combined with an abundance of “time” created these marvelous works. We seemed to have lost this power that they had to create and display in their time and for us to marvel at in ours . this film left me hungry for more. Once more , I have become addicted. I want to see more and feel more and I hope you will continue this excavation for I believe you have accomplished the impossible. bringing the ancient past into the starving present. you have what the ancients had, Patience.

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