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August 7, 2020

Zominthos 2020: Week 4

Rooms 67 & 70

Room 67

This week we continued the excavation of the north part of room 67 (Fig.1,2).

Room 69

In room 69 we discovered more parts of the drain which seems that continues northwards (Fig.3). Some fragments of obsidian blade have been found.

Room 70

We started the excavation of room 70 (Fig.1), the floor of which is not covered by plaques but hard earth combined with small pebbles.

In each of the above mentioned rooms, pieces of rock crystal have been found.

Area 68

The main aim of this week was to uncover the path or the staircase which leads from the foot of the hill to the corridor 10 (the north main entrance) (Fig.4,5). It seems that after the destruction of LM IA, a new arrangement has been done. This way covered some LM IA buildings in this area. Very important pieces of pottery have been found among witch cups completely different, from the usual types of conical cups found in Zominthos, probably imported from Knossos and a piece of a large amphora (Fig.6).


  1. Sara Wilson

    I was wondering if I could receive more information on the next time you are holding this dig either this year or next. Thank you!

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