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August 17, 2021

Zominthos 2021: Weeks 4-5

Zominthos 2021: Weeks 4-5
Zominthos 2021: Weeks 4-5
Zominthos 2021: Weeks 4-5

Room 71 and Room 72

Part of Room 71 has been uncovered north of the slabs of the outside courtyard. So far, a high amount of vessels and some parts of the drain have been found. It seems that the outside court was erected above Room 71 (Fig.1) after its destruction in the Old Palace period (1900-1700 BC).

Room 72 is located east of Room 67. Part of the paved floor (Fig.2) has been uncovered which consists of limestone slabs. Plenty of pottery has been found, among them an almost complete fruit vessel (Fig3).


  1. Mimika Kriga

    Hello, I saw the photograph of the object you call kymbe. I would like to mention that I am sure this is not a kymbe. This is a part of a drain from a roof of a building. I have seen similar examples in situ at Akrotiri (Thera), where I had been working for many years. At the excavation there, the kymbes are not numerous, but there are quite a few and they haven’t so far been found yet, anywhere else. If you want, you can check a brief article of J. Shaw, who has studied drains and you will see what I mean.


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