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July 13, 2022

Zominthos 2022: Week 1

Zominthos 2022: Week 1 - Fig.1
Zominthos 2022: Week 1 - Fig.2

Space 73 and Space 61A

This season, the excavation continues to the west section outside of the Central Building of Zominthos Palace (Fig.1). So far, the north, east and south walls of Space 73 have been uncovered. Some plaques of the upper floor and parts of the bedrock have also been found.

Space 61A is also being excavated which is located next to Space 61. Plenty of pottery sherds have been collected and some intact vessels have been found. The most interesting artifact is a sea triton made of clay (Fig.2).

The excavation will also continue to the northern part of the North Court.


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