Pompeii 2018: Week 4
Some interesting finds this week enrich our picture of the neighborhood predating the monumentalization of the Sanctuary.
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Pompeii 2018: Week 3
We made progress on all fronts including removal of fill related to the first monumental sanctuary, finally reaching pre-Roman levels.
Pompeii 2018: Week 2
Our latest report includes highlights from the second week (May 28-June 1) of the Venus Pompeiana Project.
Pompeii 2018: Week 1
The 2018 season of the Venus Pompeiana Project started off with a fun and rewarding first week.
Pompeii 2017: Preliminary Survey
In 2017, VPP began 3D survey of the temple podium and re-exposed a previously excavated trench in the temple court.

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