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July 28, 2020

Zominthos 2020: Week 3

Fig. 1 - Zominthos 2020: Week 3
Fig. 2 - Zominthos 2020: Week 3
Fig. 3 - Zominthos 2020: Week 3

In the third week of Zominthos Project, we continued the excavation of the rooms in the North Complex.

Room 65

The room (Fig.1, Fig.2) was erected upon the rocks and the floor was covered by schist slabs. Some parts of the drain have been uncovered (Fig.3).

Room 67

We continued the excavation of the paved floor from limestone slabs (Fig.1). This room was also plundered like most rooms of the North Complex except the sanctuary of Room 65. This event probably happened at the time of the venetian occupation. According to the sherds that we examined, it seems that this room, as well as the other rooms of the north complex, were erected after the first earthquake of LM IA.

Room 69

Finally, according to the geomagnetic research we started digging north of the above mentioned complex, which lies on the feet of the hill. The drain from rooms 65 and 66 continues in this area.

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