AIA News

August 14, 2020

Zominthos 2020: Week 5

Area 68

We continued the excavation in Area 68, which lies in the north entrance of the Central building where a complex of walls have been uncovered, built immediately after the destruction of LMIA (Fig.1) and blocked the north entrance.

Room 65

Among the buildings of the north side is the complex of Room 65 (north sanctuary) where an altar has been uncovered with many vases among them ryta (Fig.1). The very important thing among them is the discovery in the lower level of the altar, of many golden pieces (Fig.2) near ashes from wood, probably the remains of a wooden  idol like the idols of Archanes and Palaikastro (these idols were made from ivory).

In the lower stratum of Room 65, where the Lady of Zominthos has been found among other idols (Fig.3, 3a) of the same period (Old Palace period), shows the importance of this room.

Rooms 66, 67, 69 ,70

Another complex of rooms (Rooms 66, 67,69 ,70 Fig.1) separated by a narrow corridor is located still northern from Room 65. These rooms are luxurious as their floors shows.