Education about AIA Site Preservation Program and Laws Pertaining to excavation and illegal trafficking in antiquities
Sponsored by AIA-SWTAS (San Antonio, TX)
Saturday, October 20, 2012

Mission Concepción
807 Mission Road
San Antonio, TX 78210
United States

Archaeological Institute of America (AIA) – Southwest TX Archaeological Society (SWTAS) will participate in National Archaeology Day on October 20, 2012, held at Mission Concepcion, San Antonio, TX. SWTAS will join the National Park Service and other regional archaeological organizations to hold an artifact identification workshop for the general public. SWTAS will provide information about the AIA Site Preservation Program and the US and international laws governing collection of artifacts and illegal trafficking of them. The aim of the SWTAS is to try to dispel the many myths about collecting, excavating, looting, and museum ownership of artifacts. Much harm has been done to cultural property due to ignorance of such laws and the idea of financial gain through inappropriate excavation and sale of artifacts.  

Several large posters will be written for display describing the AIA site preservation program and the laws pertaining to protection of cultural property.  1000 copies of a flyer on site preservation, 100 copies of handouts on frequently asked questions, and another 100 listing all US and international laws will be available for the public to take home.

This activity will be complementary to the artifact identification that other organizations will hold. Their archaeologists will educate the public about any artifacts that are brought to them for identification (NOT APPRAISALS!). AIA-SWTAS hopes that by educating the public in a broader context about artifacts, those artifacts will be redefined in a more meaningful and protective way. Information about AIA and the SWTAS will also be available to the public.

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