The Great Road Trip: New Stories in the Human Evolutionary Journey
Sponsored by Archaeological Institute of America, Houston
Tuesday, September 26, 2017 - 6:30pm

Houston Museum of Natural Science
5555 Hermann Park Drive
Houston, TX 77030
United States

We salute the migration of Homo sapiens, who started us on the monumental journey out of Africa and across the rest of the world. The lure of what lies over the next horizon has always been a central part of the human quest. Join Dr. John Kappelman as he tells about new discoveries that have revolutionized the ongoing story; from Morocco to East Africa to South Africa, the latest news about our explorations—places, dates, and even genomic analysis—has helped to more fully and accurately reconstruct the original family album of the trip.

As we begin our 50th year of sharing humanity’s stories, we invite you to join us for a festive evening with a reception featuring Ethiopian coffee, African drumming, and dance. 

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