Archaeologists You Should Know

We asked archaeologists, historians, and classicists: who are the archaeologists the public should know? These profiles aim to share the life and work of archaeologists you should know, and to celebrate the significance of archaeological inquiry, highlight the excitement of archaeological discovery, and inspire archaeology enthusiasts as well as professional archaeologists. Our aim with this feature is to call attention to archaeologists whose work has been overlooked and/or who represent new directions in the field.

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Eugene Borza (1935-2021): Ancient Historian, Devoted Teacher, Gracious Colleague

George Bass (1932-2021): Pioneer of Underwater Archaeology

Khawja Najeeb Ahmad Sediqi: Former Director, Archaeological Research Center, Afghanistan Science Academy

Martha Sharp Joukowsky (1936-2022): American Archaeologist and Educator of Generations

Gisela Marie Augusta Richter (1882-1972): Pioneering Museum Curator, Scholar, and Archaeologist

Anna Marguerite McCann (1933-2017): The First American Woman in the Field of Underwater Archaeology

Dr. Marc-Antoine de Lavis-Trafford (1880-1960): Historical Topographer and Topographical Archaeologist Expanding Our Understanding of Hannibal

Joe Bagley: City Archaeologist and Director of Archaeology for the City of Boston

Chelsea Blackmore: American Archaeologist and Activist Working to Change Our Understanding of Social Identity

Mary Ross Ellingson (1906-1993): Canadian Archaeologist Known For Her Work with Greek Terracotta Figurines

Wilhelmina Feemster Jashemski (1910-2007): American Archaeologist and Pioneer of Garden Archaeology

Margaret Guido (1912-1994): English Archaeologist and Prehistorian Known for Advancing Our Knowledge Of The European Bronze And Iron Ages

Nancy Wilkie (1943-2021): American Archaeologist, Educator, and Tireless Advocate for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage

Bert Hodge Hill (1874-1958): American Archaeologist Known for His Contributions to the Corinth Excavations

Marion Rawson (1899-1980): American Archaeologist Known for Her Contributions to Bronze Age Archaeology at Pylos and Troy

Tatiana Avenirovna Proskouriakoff (1909- 1985): Russian-American Archaeologist, Architect, Scholar, Known for Groundbreaking Contributions to Maya Archaeology

Theresa B. Goell (1901-1985): Jewish Archaeologist, Architect, and first female to excavate in Eastern Turkey

John Wesley Gilbert (1863-1923): African American Archaeologist, Classicist, Educator, and Advocate

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