Conservation and Heritage Management Award

2014 CHM winner Staffordshire Hoard Conservation Project

The Conservation and Heritage Management Committee invites nominations for the Conservation and Heritage Management Award. This award is made in recognition of an individual's or institution's exceptional achievement in any of the following areas:

1) Archaeological conservation (the conservation of an artifact, monument, or site);
2) Archaeological conservation science (an advance in the deterioration analysis or treatment of archaeological materials);
3) Archaeological heritage management (the overall management of a site or group of sites including their preservation and interpretation to the public);
4) Education/public awareness of archaeological conservation through teaching, lecturing, and exhibition, or a publication.

The Award is open to any international individuals, institutions, or organizations, public or private, who merit recognition for their contributions to the preservation of our archaeological heritage. Eligibility is not restricted to members of the AIA or to U.S. citizens.

Please send name(s), a CV, and a substantive statement about the nominee's qualifications for the award to:

Due Date for Nomination
Completed nominations for the 2016 prize should be received by Institute Headquarters at the address below no later than May 1, 2015, for the award to be presented at the following Annual Meeting.

Conservation and Heritage Management Committee
Atten: Awards Department
Archaeological Institute of America
656 Beacon Street, 6th Floor
Boston, MA 02215-2006

2014 Conservation and Heritage Management Award: Staffordshire Hoard Conservation Project

The Staffordshire Hoard Conservation Project (SHCP) is a unique project executed by the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. Since its inception in 2010, the project has utilized an innovative, team-based approach to conservation. SHCP's open and collegial approach to establishing a conservation team attracted several professional conservators who brought with them considerable conservation experience. With the help of these professionals, the SHCP was able to ensure the highest standard of conservation possible for the gold and garnet Anglo-Saxon artifacts. Due to the hoard's immediate popularity following its discovery and acquisition by Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery and the Potteries Museum and Art Gallery, Stoke-on-Trent, SHCP made it a priority to involve the interested public in the conservation efforts. Public programs included open lectures, studio tours, family days, and written and video blogs that were launched by the conservation team to create a supportive public community that felt engaged and involved with the team and the project.

Past Winners of the Conservation and Heritage Management Award

2014 Staffordshire Hoard Conservation Project
2013 Sudharshan Seneviratne
2012 James R. McCredie
2011 Archaeological Conservancy
2010 Henry Cleere

Heritage Watch


Catherine Sease


Pointe-à-Callière Musée d'Archéologie et d'Histoire de Montréal, accepted by Francine Lelièvre, Executive Director


Hester A. Davis, Arkansas Archaeological Survey, William Lipe, Washington State University, and Charles R. McGimsey, III, Arkansas Archaeological Survey

2005 Parks Canada Agency, les Services d'Archéologie Subaquatique à Agence Parcs Canada, under the direction of its Chief Archaeologist, Robert Grenier
2004 Nicholas P. Stanley-Price
2002 Wet Organic Archaeological Materials Working Group
2001 Museum of London
1999 Lawrence J. Majewski
1998 Department of Conservation and Materials Science at the Institute of Archaeology, University of London

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