Martha and Artemis Joukowsky Distinguished Service Award

2018 Joukowksy Award Winner
Robert Littman

The Martha and Artemis Joukowsky Distinguished Service Award is to be granted to those AIA members who, through their sustained and exceptional volunteer efforts, have furthered the work of the Institute and increased public awareness regarding its mission. Societies in particular are encouraged to nominate members who have provided exceptional service to the Institute. Trustees currently serving on the Governing Board are ineligible to receive this award. No more than two awards, in the form of a framed citation, will be presented each year at the Annual Meeting of the AIA.

Due Date for Nomination
Completed nominations, in the form of a letter detailing the candidate's service to the AIA, should be received by Institute Headquarters at the address below no later than September 3, 2018. The Executive Committee will select the recipient(s) of the award prior to the Fall meeting of the Governing Board.

Please send all nomination materials to:

The Martha and Artemis Joukowsky Distinguished Service Award Committee
Attn: Awards Department
Archaeological Institute of America
44 Beacon Street
Boston, MA 02108
(857) 305-9360
FAX: (617) 353-6550


2018 Martha and Artemis Joukowsky Distinguished Service Award: Robert Littman

 An ancient historian, classicist and archaeologist, historian of medicine, and biblical scholar, Prof. Littman specializes in Greece, Rome and the Near East.  He holds an M.Litt. in Literae Humaniores from Oxford University, and Ph.D. in classical philology from Columbia University. He has been a visiting Member and Herodotus Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies, Princeton.  He received the Chancellor’s Citation for Meritorious Teaching University of Hawaii at Manoa (2004).  He was awarded the Judah Magnes Gold Medal, from American Friends of Hebrew University of Jerusalem (1985). Prof. Littman founded the AIA Hawai’i Society in 1996 and has been its president from 1996-present.   He has served as a national lecturer as part of the AIA Lecture Program, and was a trustee of AIA from 2010-2015


Past Winners of the Martha and Artemis Joukowsky Distinguished Service Award

2017 Barbara Tsakirgis
2016 Brian Heidtke
2015 Connie Rodriguez
2014 Ann Santen
2013 Claire Lyons
2012 Shelby Brown
2011 Ava Seave
2010 Nancy Palmer
2009 Michael and Neathery Fuller
2008 Jeffrey A. Lamia
2007 Patty Gerstenblith
2006 James Russell
2005 Anne Salisbury
2004 Eleanor Guralnick
2003 Gertrude Howland
2002 Frank J. Wezniak
2001 Ira Haupt, II
1999 James R. Wiseman
1997 Raymond L. Den Adel
1996 Leonard V. Quigley
1994 Anna Benjamin
1992 Judith Feinberg Brilliant
1991 Charles S. La Follette
1990 Lloyd E. Cotsen
1989 Norma Kershaw
James H. Ottaway, Jr.
Leon Pomerance (awarded posthumously)

*The name was changed from the Distinguished Service Award to the Martha and Artemis Joukowsky Distinguished Service Award at the December 1997 Annual Meeting of the AIA.

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