Poster Awards

AIA Poster Award 

At each AIA Annual Meeting, there is a single session that includes all poster presentations. This session is generally assigned a four-hour time period (e.g., 11 AM–3 PM) on the first day of the meetings. The presenter or, in the case of multiple presenters, one of the presenters is stationed at the presentation during the session. Presenters are provided with a 4 × 8 foot space to display their materials.The PAMC regards poster presentations as a particularly effective way to present complex graphic and/or quantitative data.

Beginning in 2005, awards were given to the best posters: the first is awarded to the presentation judged “best poster” by a panel of three judges appointed by the Program Committee; the second is presented to the poster judged “first runner-up” by the panel of judges; and the third and fourth awards are presented to the posters deemed “Best poster designed entirely by a student or students" for undergraduate and graduates. Graduate and undergraduate student posters are also eligible in the best poster and first runner up categories.


2019 Poster Award Winners

Winner What's in a Name?: Examining Jovian Epithets in Italian Roman Inscriptions Using Social Network Analysis 
Zehavi V. Husser, Biola University
Runner Up  Viewing the Lion Gate Relief at Mycenae: A 3D Model and New Compositional Observations 
Nicholas G. Blackwell, Indiana University Bloomington
Matthew Brennan, Indiana University Bloomington
Graduate Student Poster Visibility Graph Analysis of Lararia in the Insula del Menandro, Pompeii: Ideology within the Built Environment
Max Peers, Brown University 
Undergraduate Student Poster  Minoan Settlement Patterns of the Neopalatial Period
Jessica Miller, University of North Carolina at Greensboro 


Past Poster Award Winners

2018 Winner

Quality of Life Changes in an Ancient Maya Community: Longitudinal Perspectives from Altar de Sacrificios, Guatemala
Jessica Munson, Lycoming College
Jonathan Scholnick, Lycoming College
Lorena Paiz Aragon, Alter de Sacrificios Archaeological Project

  Runner Up  "Shared Objects of Thought”: Reconstructions of Late Minoan IB Architecture at Mochlos
Angela M. Ratigan, Ruprecht-Karls Universitat Heidelberg
  Student Poster Πεδίον Λαρισίον: Mapping Settlement Patterns on the Ierapetra Isthmus
Catharine Judson, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Andrew Cabaniss, University of Michigan
2017 Winner

The Dolia of Regio I, Insula 22: Evidence for the Production and Repair of Dolia
Caroline Cheung, University of California, Berkeley
Gina Tibbott, Temple University

  Runner Up

iGraffiti: Digital Recording of Ancient Graffiti from Herculaneum, Italy
Jacqueline F. DiBiasie Sammons, Sewanee: The University of the South
Holly M. Sypniewski, Millsaps College

  Student Poster

Further Research on the Roman Republican Cult-Place under Sant’Omobono
Daniel P. Diffendale, University of Michigan

2016 Best Poster Studying Households and Tracing Cultural Practices in Northeast Spain (Second and Early First Centuries B.C.E.)
Alejandro G. Sinner, York University
Kimberly McCullough, York University
Ashwyn Grewal, York University
Daniel Jankulovski, York University
  Runner Up Medieval Household Ceramics in 3D: An Inventory of Vessel Shapes from Nemea, Greece
Effie Athanassopoulos, University of Nebraska–Lincoln
Kim S. Shelton, University of California, Berkeley
  Student Poster Lights, Camera, Archaeology: Documenting Archaeological Textile Impressions with Reflectance Transformation Imaging
Emily B. Frank, Institute of Fine Arts, New York University
2015 Best Poster Bronze Age Terracotta Statues of Ayia Irini, Kea:  An Experimental Reconstruction and Technical Examination
Rachel DeLozier, University of Arizona
Eleni Hasaki, University of Arizona
2015 Runner Up Pre- and Protohistoric Pottery Production and Exchange in the Central Mediterranean:  The Use of Nondestructive Portable X-Ray Fluorescence
Robert H. Tykot, University of South Florida, Craig Alexander, Cambridge University, Keri Brown, University of Manchester, Kyle P. Freund, McMaster University, Sarah McClure, Pennsylvania State University, Erin Mckendry, University of South Florida, Andrew M.T. Moore, Rochester Institute of Technology, Frederick Pirone, University of South Florida, Emil Podrug, Sibenik City Museum, Davide Tanasi, Arcadia University, Melissa Teoh, University of Oregon, Martijn van Leusen, University of Groningen, Andrea Vianello, University of Oxford, and Patrick Woodruff, University of South Florida
2015 Student Poster A Chemical Investigation of Cedar Oil in the Hellenistic Levant
Elizabeth Mauer, Boston University
2014 Best Poster The Excavation at Mesolithic Damnoni: The Discovery of a New Culture on Crete by Thomas F. Strasser, Providence College, Eleni Panagopoulou, the Ephoreia of Speleology and Palaeoanthropology of Southern Greece, Panayiotis Karkanas, the Ephoreia of Speleology and Palaeoanthropology of Southern Greece, Miriam Clinton, University of Pennsylvania, Epaminondas Kapranos, 25th Ephoreia of Classical and Prehistoric Archaeology of West Crete, Nicholas Thompson, the Ephoreia of Speleology and Palaeoanthropology of Southern Greece, and Sarah Murray, Notre Dame University
  Runner Up The Hadrian’s Villa Project:  Studying the Impact of Three-Dimensional Virtual World Technology in the Undergraduate Classroom by Lynn A. Kvapil, Butler University, Lee Taylor-Nelms, Booz Allen Hamilton, and Bernard Frischer, Indiana University
  Student Poster Cosa Excavations, 2013 by Ann Glennie, Florida State University, Allison Smith, Florida State University, and Sophie Crawford-Brown, University of Pennsylvania
2013 Best Poster Disinterring a Pompeian Middle-Class Neighborhood by Ambra Spinelli, University of Southern California, and Aimee Scorziello, Pompeii Archaeological Research Project: Porta Stabia
  Runner Up An Exploration of Remote Sensing as a Tool for the Detection and Intensive Analysis of Historical Trail Features as Applied to the Old Spanish Trail in the Silurian Valley, California by Amy M. Oechsner, United States Bureau of Land Management
  Student Poster Revealing Domestic Religous Practice: A Study of the Distribution of Private Altars in Olynthus by Chelsea Gardner, University of British Columbia
2012 Best Poster Horae in Roman Funerary Inscriptions by Simeon D. Ehrlich, University of Western Ontario
  Runner Up Learning from their Mistakes: Try-Pieces, Wasters, and Other Evidence for Ceramic Production from the Potters'Quarter at Corinth by Bice Peruzzi, University of Cincinnati, and Amanda S. Reiterman, University of Pennsylvania
  Student Poster Innovation or Desperation: An In-Depth Analysis of the Apodyterium Mosaic at Poggio del Molino, Populonia, Italy by Jennifer Altman-Lupu, Archeodig Project
2011 Best Poster The Construction and Use of Leather Goods in the Roman World by Elizabeth M. Greene, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  Runner Up Analyzing Bronze Age Terrestrial and Marine Communication Routes in the Saronic Gulf and Argolid by Angelina D. Phebus, James M. L. Newhard, Norman Levine, College of Charleston
  Student Poster Destruction and Death: Preliminary Observations of Archaeological Fauna from the Petsas House Well by Gypsy Price, University of Florida, and Jackie Meier, University of Connecticut
2010 Best Poster “Reconstructing and testing Ancient Greek Linen Body Armor: The UWGB Linothorax Project” by Gregory S. Aldrete and Scott Bartell, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay
  Runner Up “Making a Table: A Case Study of Provincial Late Antique Craftsmanship” by Nicolas Beaudry, Université du Québec à Rimouski, Elio Hobdari, Institute of Archaeology, Tirana and Alexia Grammatikaki, Athens
  Student Poster “The Mopsos Archaeological Survey: New Thoughts on the Battle of Issus” by Brandon R. Olson, Thaddeus J. Olson, and Jeffrey T. Herrick, Penn State University
2009 Best Poster

"Also 10 Tribal Unites- The Grouping of Cavalry on the Parthenon North Frieze" Toshihiro Osada, Tsukuba University

  Runner Up

"Dowel-holes and Marble Veneers: the Pantheon's Lost Original Exterior" Amanda Reitrman, University of Pennsylvania

  Student Poster

"Prehistoric Pottery from Lofkënd, Albania: From Bronze to Iron Age in the Balkans” Seth Pevnick and Esmeralda Agolli, UCLA, Cotsen Institute of Archaeology

2008 Best Poster

Dating Roman Mortar and Concrete with Radiocarbon Analysis: John R. Hale, University of Louisville, Åsa Ringbom, Åbo Akademi University, Jan Heinemeier, Aarhus University, Alf Lindroos, Åbo Akademi University, Lynne Lancaster, Ohio University, and Fiona Brock, Oxford University.

  Runner Up

The Imperial Temple Project at Antiocheia ad Kragos in Turkey: 2007 Season: Michael Hoff, University of Nebraska, Rhys Townsend, Clark University, Ece Erdogmus, University of Nebraska, and Seher Turkmen, Alanya Archaeological Museum

  Student Poster

Grad Student: Dovetails or Lashings? A Case Study in Middle Kingdom Ship Construction and How to Prove It: Pearce Paul Creasman, Texas A&M University

2008 People's Choice

First Place and Grad Student:
Rapid Cooling Effects in Copper Smelting Slags from Chrysokamino:
Miriam G. Clinton, University of Pennsylvania, Shannon Martino, University of Pennsylvania, George H. Myer and Dennis O. Terry, Jr., Temple University; and Philip P. Betancourt, Temple University.

Runner up:
Byzantium Beneath the Black Sea:
Bridget Buxton, Robert Ballard, Michael Brennan, Dwight Coleman, Katy Croff, University of Rhode Island, Dan Davis, The University of Texas at Austin, Dennis Piechota, University of Massachusetts at Boston, Sergiy Voronov, Institute of Archaeology, Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

2008 People's Choice Runner-up
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The People's Choice awards have been discontinued.

2007 Best Poster The Foundations of Empire: Research on the Engineering Characteristics of Roman Maritime Concrete
John Peter Oleson, University of Victoria, Christopher J. Brandon, Pringle-Brandon Architects, and Robert L. Hohlfelder, University of Colorado at Boulder

2007 Best Poster Winner

  Runner Up Obsidian Studies in Southern Armenia: Work by the Vorotan Project in 2005-2006
John F. Cherry, Brown University, Elissa Z. Faro, University of Michigan, and Ruben Badalyan, Institute of Archaeology & Ethnography, Yerevan

2007 Poster Runner Up

  Student Poster Late Bronze Age Hard Stone Seals with the Motif of a Pair of Recumbent Bulls from the Greek Mainland
Eleni Drakaki, New York University
  Student Poster  Honorable Mention A Compositional Study of Blackgloss Ware and Pre-Sigilatta from Cetamura del Chianti (Italy)
Scott C. Gallimore and J. Theodore Peña, University at Buffalo-SUNY
2006 Best Poster Excavations at Hawara (Modern Humayma, Jordan), 2005
M. Barbara Reeves, Queen’s University, Erik de Bruijn, University of British Columbia, John P. Oleson, University of Victoria, and Andrew N. Sherwood, University of Guelph
  Runner Up Painters on Pots?
John Muccigrosso, Drew University
  Student Poster Late Neolithic Pottery from Wadi Ziqlab, Jordan
Kevin T. Gibbs, University of Toronto
  Student Poster  Honorable Mention The Early Occupation Levels at Vindolanda Roman Fort: The Potential of Anaerobic Preservation in Archaeological Environments
Elizabeth Marie Greene, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
2005 Best Poster Road Works in Roman Corinth: A Newly Excavated Street in the Panaghia Field
Jennifer Palinkas, Emory University, and James A. Herbst, Corinth Excavations, American School of Classical Studies at Athens
  Runner Up Aeginetan Ware Technology, Production and Exchange: An Archaeological Reappraisal
Christine M. Shriner, James G. Brophy, and Haydn H. Murray, Indiana University, and George E. Christidis, Technical University of Crete
  Student Poster Before Antikythera: The First Underwater Survey in Greece
Alexis Catsambis, Texas A&M University
**Please note that prior to 2005 only the Best Poster Award was given.
2004 Best Poster CGMA: Collaboratory for GIS and Mediterranean Archaeology
Rebecca K. Schindler and Pedar W. Foss, DePauw University