Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award

2019 Undergraduate Teaching winner
Jennifer Ramsay 

The AIA Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award Committee invites nominations for the 2020 award. This prize may be awarded to up to one individual every year and includes a certificate of award. Individuals worthy of this award must have demonstrated excellence in the teaching of archaeology; developed innovative teaching methods or interdisciplinary curricula; a minimum of five years of teaching experience prior to being nominated, currently be engaged in teaching; and have been AIA members in good standing for at least two consecutive years.

Nominations should be made by letter and accompanied by a dossier of supporting materials. They should be made by individuals familiar with the candidate's teaching, such as administrators, departmental chairpersons or colleagues, former students, or faculty in other departments or institutions. Dossiers should include:

1) The nominating letter indicating how the candidate meets the criteria of the award
2) A current curriculum vitae of the nominee;
3) Four letters of recommendation, including at least one each from a student, a colleague, and academic superior;
4) A brief description of all relevant courses taught during the past five years, including some representative syllabi and course materials.

Due Date for Nomination
Completed nominations should be received by Institute Headquarters at the below address no later than June 1, 2019. Electronic submission is preferred.

Send materials to:

Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching
Atten: Awards
c/o Archaeological Institute of America
44 Beacon Street
Boston, MA 02108
(857) 305-9350
FAX: (617) 353-6550
E-mail: awards@archaeological.org


2019 Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award: Jennifer Ramsay 

The Archaeological Institute of America is pleased to present the 2019 Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award to Dr. Jennifer Ramsay, of the State University of New York at Brockport.

In her archaeology and anthropology courses, Dr. Ramsay consistently encourages active learning and critical thinking.  Unusually generous with her time, she is a prolific supervisor of independent study projects and internships. She also takes her enthusiasm to younger audiences, providing outreach to schoolchildren and authoring articles in young people’s magazines such as Dig and Calliope.

Dr. Ramsay has renovated her institution’s anthropology lab at the Brockport campus of SUNY, where she has established a Museum Studies and Public History minor in collaboration with the history department and the Emily Knapp Museum and Library. 

Finally, as director of the field school for the Petra Garden and Pool Complex project since 2004, she has mentored countless students in archaeological fieldwork and methods.  She is a hands-on field instructor, rotating from trench to trench to demonstrate trowel and pick skills, organizing field trips to cultural centers and natural wonders in Jordan, and caring for students through bouts of illness or culture shock. 

For all these reasons, the Archaeological Institute of America recognizes Dr. Jennifer Ramsay with the 2019 Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Award.


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