Maya Research Program's Welker Scholarships and Fellowships

Maya Research Program and University of Texas at Tyler

February 1, 2013
The Maya Research Program offers a limited number of scholarships to promising students who will attend Blue Creek for at least two sessions. Students targeted for this award are advanced undergraduate or early graduate students in archaeology. However, we have funded non-majors in the past and all interested students are encouraged to apply. The scholarships are funded by the Welker Scholarship Endowment Fund and supplemented by generous donors. This year we will fund at least 10 students. Each awardee will receive a $1000 scholarship. Recipients are required to spend at least 2 two-week sessions with us. The normal student cost for two full sessions is $2700. Scholarship students will pay just $1700.

To apply please include a scholarship application with your normal enrollment form and associated deposits. The scholarship application packet should outline your background, research interests, related course and/or field work, and future plans in archaeology. You should also include at least one letter of recommendation, ideally from a faculty member. The application deadline is February 1 preceding the field season, but since scholarships are limited, you are wise to apply early.

To discuss scholarship opportunities further, please email or call Dr. Tom Guderjan ( or 817-831-9011).

Maya Research Program Fellowships

The Maya Research Program offers opportunities for archaeologists to lead fieldwork and conduct research in northwestern Belize. The ideal candidate will be a recent Ph.D. or senior graduate student with well-developed research interests and capabilities. The successful applicant will be able to operate in a field school environment as a mentor while developing and publishing their own research. We are open to applicants with almost any research interest related to the ancient Maya. 

From May to August, MRP sponsors four two-week long field sessions based in Blue Creek, Belize. A successful applicant will spend at least three summers in the field with the project (after a first trial summer). MRP will provide transportation, room and board, and some research support. 

The person will participate fully as a staff member and excavation supervisor in MRP’s archaeological field school and will be responsible for both timely writing of field reports and support of our collective needs. 

This is an open post without a deadline, but we will not consider applications after April 1 for participation in the summer 2013 fieldwork. Please send inquiries with a letter of interest and CV to Dr. Thomas Guderjan ( No phone calls please.


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Dr. Thomas Guderjan