Richard C. MacDonald Iliad Endowment for Archaeological Research New

Archaeological Institute of America

February 1, 2018

Amount: $20,000


The Archaeological Institute of America announces a new grant program, the Richard C. MacDonald Iliad Endowment for Archaeological Research. The grant amount for 2017-18 will be $20,000. The purpose of the grant is to provide support for those scholars working on the site of Ancient Troy, or those geographic areas/time periods that give context to current understanding of Ancient Troy. This grant will support the study of ancient cultures and civilizations that interacted with the Trojans over the city’s long history, including examining the regional setting of Troy.

Geographic and Time Period Criteria:

This grant will be awarded to projects that support research at the historical site of Ancient Troy and sites in the wider region of Western Turkey during the third to first millennia B.C.E., or the regions that supply context to the study of Troy, including but not limited to Anatolia (modern Turkey), southeastern Europe, the Aegean and Crete during the third to first millennia B.C.E.

The grant may be used for the purchase of innovative technologies as part of the research, including but are not limited to remote sensing, geographic information systems (GIS), geophysical techniques, LiDAR, global positioning systems (GPS), and space imaging radar.

To be eligible, applicants must have been AIA members in good standing for at least two consecutive years by the application deadline and must have a Ph.D. in archaeology or related field. The grant is open to all professionals working in the field. Applicants must be the director or co-director of the proposed research project. Permits must be obtained before funds are dispersed. To be successful, applications must clearly demonstrate the impact of the project and the critical need for AIA funding. Although combining AIA funds with other sources of support is allowed, a MacDonald grant should be central to the success of the project.

The AIA will not fund overhead costs. Please note that funds may not be used for publication costs, for salaries for principal investigators, or to purchase land.

Dissemination of project results: Awardees shall be required to submit interim and final reports on their progress to the AIA. Grant winners are expected to provide a 200-500 word update for the AIA website either from the field or immediately upon completing the funded field season. A final report with a reconciled budget is due within 6 months of the completion of the field season. Grant winners agree to submit an abstract for a poster or field report for presentation at the AIA Annual Meeting following receipt of the grant. Winners are also encouraged to become an “Interactive Dig” on the AIA website. Full publication of the project results is expected, and plans for publication should be included in the grant application. 

Contact Name: 
Ben Thomas